Welcome to Cortex Training!

Adopting a new application, even one as user friendly as Cortex e-invoicing, is a change management effort. Employees and team leaders alike need to get on board and one of the surest ways to get early and quick compliance, as well as high productivity, is to offer comprehensive training. No one likes to feel like they don’t know what they’re doing!

In fact, 65% of employees say the quality of training and learning opportunities positively influences their engagement (Learning’s Role in Employee Engagement, ASTD 2008).

Why should Cortex customers leverage training?

Training and development are clearly linked with employee satisfaction and engagement. Because the training provides a clear understanding of the application, customers are able to have a far more positive user experience. What does that mean? Often, when we have customer’s attend our training sessions, they find out that there are a lot more features available to them than they realized. We provide our customers the tools they need to feel more confident and efficient, right from the moment they sign up. If a customer is still uncertain, we take that extra time to ensure they are comfortable with using the application, offering various methods of training and support.

In addition, Cortex training and online help presents an opportunity for users to access the most up-to-date business requirements specific to each Trading Partner. For example, some Buyers have different requirements, so Cortex works alongside them to ensure that once specific business rules change, our input requirements are updated simultaneously. We encourage all of our suppliers to check these updates periodically.

What kind of training does Cortex offer?

Our focus at Cortex is to ensure that all of our customers are getting the most out of their Cortex account. Realizing that not all customers have an extensive knowledge base around the use of electronic invoicing, we have compiled different resources and materials to assist a wide range of users, based on their preferred learning styles. We like to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers understand our product and get the most from their subscription.

Some of the training options we offer at Cortex are:

  • How-to videos: We know that sometimes customers don’t have the time to sit through an entire session of training, and may only need assistance with parts of the invoicing process. To cover those situations, we have created short “how to” videos, which are available all of the time to our customers, at hours that suit them best.
  • Cortex Help Center: Within the product, you have 24/7 access to all of our help tools, including tips & tricks, ‘What’s New’, Trading Partner requirements, and guides for rate sheets, rate schedules, purchase orders, and more. Have a question while submitting an invoice? Our navigation tool will guide you through it or you can speak directly with our team through the online chat.
  • Dedicated Customer Support team: Our support team boasts a 96% customer satisfaction rating, so you can feel confident you’re receiving the best and most knowledgeable assistance possible

What does the Cortex account offer customers?

The Cortex Network allows our customers to submit invoices for payment to their Buyers electronically, receive their invoices from their Suppliers, communicate with their connected Trading Partners through an online messaging tool, and also gain access to an entire network of possible connections. That’s a lot of value in one platform.

Training, as proven by our 96% customer satisfaction rating*, is what sets Cortex apart from other applications. If you have not taken training and need further assistance on how to get the most from your Cortex account, you can locate all of our training materials and resources by simply clicking on the Help module within your Cortex account. Or contact us and we can help you find the training videos you need or answer any questions that you might have.


*Statistic as of June 8th, 2018