Unlocking Automation for Your Small Business

As a business leader, you’re constantly looking for new ways to enhance your profitability, optimize employee productivity, and do business as efficiently as possible.  One thing that has become clear is that manual processes are no longer scalable for today’s business needs.  Business process automation can help you fulfill your business goals, but the question is, “What tools should you choose?”.

One example of inefficiencies for most small businesses is entering data multiple times into several different systems.  A common problem we solve with our customers is the ability to transmit invoices quickly and provide real-time updates on the status of their invoices.  While the Cortex Workbench is extremely efficient at these processes, transposing invoice information from your accounting system into Cortex still represents an extra step for most small businesses.  It can also mean data entry errors and more time spent entering information, tasks that prevent your staff from undertaking higher value-added tasks to help grow your company. 

To aid in this time-consuming process, Cortex would like to introduce you to one of our newest partners, EnterMyInvoice.com.  EnterMyInvoice.com provides companies with the ability to extract data from their invoice and then input it into the Cortex Workbench, along with an attachment of your invoice.  Typically, this type of automation was only available to large enterprises that invested significant spend into back end accounting systems. EMI offers a near instantaneous solution tailored to small business needs. Not sure if it’s a fit for you? Check out the demo video from Enter My Invoice:



Here are some of the benefits of using automation tools to submit invoices into the Cortex Workbench:

  • Save Time by Eliminating Double Entry – by utilizing additional tools, such as EnterMyInvoice.com, you can eliminate the need to enter data into two systems, thus saving your accounting department time on duplicate entry.
  • Get Paid Faster – you can reduce days sales outstanding and get paid quicker.
  • Reduce Errors – typically 1 in every 80 keystrokes is incorrect. Automation eliminates error and reduces processing time for your business.
  • Do More with Less – use time previously spent entering invoices to re-distribute staff to higher value tasks

Discover how thousands of customers are automating their invoice submissions without implementing a full integrated workflow:


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