The Immediate Gratification Revolution: why you should expect instant e-invoicing connections.


Instant gratification is a trending concept these days. With the rise of digital platforms for accessing everything from our banking to finding a date, it’s no surprise that connecting has become increasingly easier and significantly faster. Take online news for example; with a single click you can access information from all over the world, instantaneously. The same goes for dating; society has moved from traditional methods of finding a love interest to ‘swiping right’ on their digital device. In 2018, out of 57 million dating app users worldwide, 95% met their matches within a week (compared to 25% of online daters and 15% of offline daters)(1).

The business landscape is changing to meet the same demand. When it comes to your company, you want to make changes quickly and easily to meet your growing business needs. In a world where news, and even a ‘love connection’ is instantaneous, why should you have to wait or even pay to expand your own business network? We’re living in a world of instant gratification and digital transformation solutions are making it happen.

How Cortex Connects you with New Vendors

Flexibility in a Networking platform is crucial for maintaining quick and easy control over your invoicing process.  Cortex provides a uniquely seamless approach to invoicing in that we foster an open network with almost instant access to new vendors. By allowing customers to search for new and existing business on the network, and the ability to connect directly, we can provide customers a simple and effective way to scale their business. Here’s how it works:

In the Cortex invoicing platform, connecting to your vendor is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Login

Login to the Cortex portal and click on the ‘Network’ tab.


  • Search

Search for the customer you’d like to connect to.


  • Connect

Send a connection and begin transacting as soon as your vendor accepts it.




Other solutions involve a process of setting each connection up manually in the back-end, which can be time consuming and expensive. Consider Cortex your ‘instant pot of invoicing’; combining multiple portals into a single interface much like the instant pot combines several cooking tools and all the right ingredients for a perfect result. Through an open network, we empower our customers to connect to and exchange invoices with anyone on the Network in a matter of minutes without leaving the online platform. As is the case with any technology solution nowadays, instant and inexpensive are at the forefront of our minds and Cortex is here to help you achieve it.



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