The Immediate Gratification Revolution: why you should expect instant e-invoicing connections.

Instant gratification is a trending concept these days. With the rise of digital platforms for accessing everything from our banking to finding a date, it’s no surprise that connecting has become...

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Cortex Expands Service Offering to Include Document Routing, Approval, and Management Services

You asked. We answered. Document routing, approval, and management services are now part of the Cortex solutions suite.

Companies are embracing digital transformation as a foundation to...

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Welcome to Cortex Training!

Adopting a new application, even one as user friendly as Cortex e-invoicing, is a change management effort. Employees and team leaders alike need to get on board and one of the surest ways to get ...

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When Suppliers Embrace E-invoicing, Everyone Wins

E-invoicing isn’t about digitizing paperwork into PDFs and storing them on a remote server. It’s about making invoicing simpler, faster and less prone to error by reducing human touchpoints and...

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Have It Your Way: The Big Opportunity in Providing Customizable Products and Solutions

Customization, or the practice of offering consumers the ability to tailor products to their liking before purchasing them, is beginning to dramatically alter manufacturing and revolutionize...

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