Why our customers love e-invoicing…and we think you will too.

By now you’ve probably heard a bit about the benefits of e-invoicing or perhaps you have used the service for your own business. The specific invoicing platform you use has a dramatic impact on...

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When Suppliers Embrace E-invoicing, Everyone Wins

E-invoicing isn’t about digitizing paperwork into PDFs and storing them on a remote server. It’s about making invoicing simpler, faster and less prone to error by reducing human touchpoints and...

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Three Ways to Detect and Avoid Accounts Payable Fraud

Your accounts payable staff are working hard to keep the payment processes running on schedule. Their tasks seem simple and straightforward enough but yet accounts payable (AP) fraud persists as a...

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E-invoicing is good. Smart e-invoicing is better.

With large-scale implementations of Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) software and systems, accounting processes have become increasingly more efficient.  Yet these departments...

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Expanding your Business Network

Acquiring new business can cost companies anywhere from $7 to $700 per customer.   In an article published this year, “The True Cost of Acquiring a New Customer”, Megan Sullivan outlines what...

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How Much Is Poor Data Integrity Costing You?

In today’s data-centric world, the majority of businesses place an emphasis on data security but not data integrity.  Data security is a means of protecting data, via a database with security...

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