The Immediate Gratification Revolution: why you should expect instant e-invoicing connections.

Instant gratification is a trending concept these days. With the rise of digital platforms for accessing everything from our banking to finding a date, it’s no surprise that connecting has become...

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Network Expansion and What it Means for Your Business

As recently announced, Cortex has joined the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (“CCAB”).  A national non-profit, non-partisan association, CCAB offers knowledge, resources, and programs to...

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4 Essential Components of a Strong Invoicing Network

The old days of issuing an Excel-based invoice, or receiving stacks of traditional mail with envelopes filled with printed invoices, are gone. The benefits of e-invoicing, include:

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Have It Your Way: The Big Opportunity in Providing Customizable Products and Solutions

Customization, or the practice of offering consumers the ability to tailor products to their liking before purchasing them, is beginning to dramatically alter manufacturing and revolutionize...

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4 Tips for Turning Your Wallflower Business into a Social Selling Superstar!

The evolution of the online world has created an entirely new meeting place for sellers and buyers that moves at a pace incomparable to days of old.  The new electronic landscape means that...

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Expanding your Business Network

Acquiring new business can cost companies anywhere from $7 to $700 per customer.   In an article published this year, “The True Cost of Acquiring a New Customer”, Megan Sullivan outlines what...

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