Spam Cup 2015 – Giving Back to the Local Community

Spam Cup 2015

Use of social services such as the food bank has increased dramatically in the past year as the price of oil declines and the number of layoffs in Calgary reaches over 18,000.  In the past year, 1 in 9 Calgarians Calgary Food Bankhave gone to the food bank for help.  That’s 141,271 people; 41% children and 21% single-parent households.  With the holiday season around the corner, and with the status of the economy, help is needed now more than ever. So how can your organization help?

Cortex has recently joined an organization whose focus is to bring together several technology companies around the city to give back to the local community.  YYC Tech Gives, comprised of over 30 companies, is an organization YYC Tech Gives and Calgary Food Bankthat hosts events throughout the year and then donates one lump sum to the charity of choice (the Calgary Food Bank) every December.   Having donated more than $470,000 already, this group of companies has shown tremendous initiative with community support. 

 Cortex hosted its own events including a raffle draw and moustache shaving initiative (where a Cortex Director raised money to shave his moustache for the first time in over 30 years).  With a goal of raising $2000 for the food bank, Cortex more than doubled it by raising a grand total of $4500 for the cause.  The generosity from staff was overwhelming and it was wonderful to see the tremendous support from our employees, especially in this difficult economic time. 

One specific event, attended by Cortex, was the Spam Cup where participating companies competed Spam Cup 2015against each other and the clock to fill as many food hampers as possible with the winners taking home the coveted ‘Spam Cup’. 

Hundreds of participants showed up, along with CBC radio, and spent their morning sorting food into hampers, cheering their teams on and having a great time.  With the life blood of the food bank being volunteers, the time spent helping out was very much appreciated and made the Spam Cup into an incredible event.  Teams competing for the cup were encouraged to bring a ‘ringer’ to help their team win. Among the ringers at the event were several Olympic athletes, Harvey the Hound, and Harry the Horse (to name a few).  It was a great opportunity to bring awareness to the cause. 

As the holiday season draws near, it’s an important time for many to give thanks and to prepare for the New Year.  At Cortex we feel that we are extremely fortunate, at a time when thousands of our peers, and colleagues throughout the oil & gas industry are being laid off, to be in a position to give back to our community.  We’d like to thank our staff for their incredible support in the form of time and money for raising awareness to a good cause and making a positive difference in the lives of others. It is truly a privilege to join YYC Tech Gives and their amazing initiatives and build upon our relationship with the business community as well as support those in need. 

 Tune into CBC on December 17th where YYC Tech Gives will present our total donation amount to the Calgary Food Bank.  If you or your company would like to get involved with YYC Tech Gives or the Calgary Food Bank, visit or for more details.  To follow Cortex and keep up to date on events, follow us on twitter (@CortexBusiness) and LinkedIn (