Network Expansion and What it Means for Your Business


As recently announced, Cortex has joined the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (“CCAB”).  A national non-profit, non-partisan association, CCAB offers knowledge, resources, and programs to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal owned companies and is committed to the full participation of Aboriginal peoples in Canada’s economy.

Why did we get involved?

As the business landscape evolves, Cortex is continually evaluating new ways to advance sustainable economic growth across Canada. A thriving membership is central to CCAB's mandate, and inclusion in the CCAB allows us to expand our Network to a critical component of the industry.  With roots in the community and close ties to local operators, Aboriginal businesses are expanding their capacity and building experience, especially in oil sands. By providing the Canadian Aboriginal business community a combination of technology, thought leadership, and access to the thousands of Canadian companies already using Cortex today, we can save Aboriginal businesses time and money while driving growth in the industry as a whole.    

In addition to becoming a member of the CCAB, we join companies such as Imperial, Suncor, CIBC, and Hydro One as a named Aboriginal Procurement Champion within the organization. The Aboriginal Procurement Champions Group is a key element of the CCAB’s Aboriginal Procurement Strategy, “Supply Change”, which aims to create unprecedented national Aboriginal supplier diversity by increasing opportunities for Aboriginal businesses to participate in their supply chain.         

What does this mean for your business?

By offering a stronger business network to our customers, we aim to create a wealth of opportunities for you to work with other businesses that you might not currently be in contact with. Not only does this expand the resources available to Aboriginal businesses but it also allows the businesses already on our Network the chance to grow their vendor connections and expand their own business networks. 

Our mission is to provide digital automation technology for all businesses. Cortex’s involvement with the CCAB is the next step towards further building relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses to advance sustainable economic growth across Canada.

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