Cortex Partners with Business Leaders through a Local MBA Program

Joel Leetzow at Haskayne

As Cortex builds our new mission and values, one component has come to the forefront of our minds: community.  We strive to develop strong ties to the business community as well as to various organizations around the city.  Our charitable function has developed to include incredible events including a few that we’ll elaborate on in the upcoming weeks.  One faction of the community that is critical to the sustainment of business is post-secondary institutions.  Canadian post-secondary institutions are partnering with Canadian businesses to increase their reach to new students, and ensure graduates will have the skills needed to power future economic growth.  Businesses are able to provide students with a wealth of information and opportunities necessary to further their academic career as well as provide enhanced student learning and employment pathways along with skill and workplace development.  In turn, post-secondary programs provide the business sector with new and broader perspectives on technological progress and its consequences.  This on-going, mutually beneficial relationship builds an industry with innovative ideas and a dedicated workforce. 

Recently Cortex attended an MBA class for the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business.  The class, led by Doctor Robert Schulz, a respected leader in the Oil and Gas industry, was a forum Haskayne School of Business 1for students to discuss real-life issues facing the industry today.  Our CEO, Joel Leetzow, presented to the class several case studies including how to further penetrate the existing market, expanding into new verticals, and new opportunities for current products.  Not only was the experience rewarding for Cortex but had a tremendously positive response from students.  One student followed up with Cortex by stating “there is so much value in having those “real world” discussions and brainstorming when we actually get to discuss ideas with the people who live in it. Hopefully your experience was as valuable for you as it was for us.”  By developing partnerships with post-secondary institutions, the involvement in creating a skilled workforce can substantially change the competitive landscape in the technology sector.  Opening up discussions to students encouraged innovative development and thought leadership from those who will be shaping the future of our business. 

Cortex would like to sincerely thank the MBA class and Dr. Schulz, for welcoming us into their classroom.  This experience was a tremendous way to become more active in the post-secondary industry and gave Cortex the opportunity to gain insight into the minds of extremely intelligent new business people.  We have plans to return to the class with new topics for the next semester.  We look forward to visiting the Haskayne School of Business and Dr. Schulz again soon.